Earth Day Cleanup CANCELED – Sat. April 18th

The Community Boating Center is hosting our first cleanup of the season. In celebration of Earth Day we’re holding two cleanups, one on land and one the Bay.

Check out this awesome video!


Volunteer options, schedules and details: 
Headquarters/Check-in is located at the Orpheum Theater parking lot, 1005 S. Water St., New Bedford. In addition to our neighborhood cleanup from 8:30-11am, we’re conducting a beach clean up on Palmers Island from 11:30am-2:30pm.
List of stuff that is provided to all registered volunteers by generous sponsors and in-kind donors

  • FREE t-shirts
  • FREE reusable water bottle
  • FREE lunch provided by Domino’s pizza
  • FREE water & restroom facilities provided by our Host
  • Gloves and tools provided
  • Please review Safety Notes

What’s your pleasure?
Landlubber – If you’re not a fan of the sand between your toes, volunteer for our neighborhood cleanup (8:30-11am)

  • Check-in begins at 8:30 am
  • Coffee, donuts and water provided by our Host
  • You get that feel good feeling of pride and teamwork in a job well done – you have  just made a huge impact in our community. You have improved the quality of life in New Bedford. And you may have saved a life of a wild thing. Thank you.
    Looking forward to seeing you next month!


Beachcomber (River Rats)  If you can’t get enough of the salty sea air, volunteer for the Palmer’s Island Cleanup (11:30am-2:30pm)

  • Check-in begins at 11am in the Orpheum Parking lot (start with FREE pizza!)
  • We will have a 2nd check-in station at Palmer’s Island (Pizza free) at the end of Gifford St.
  • When you volunteer for a beach cleanup, you can pretty much believe that you  saved the life of an innocent marine animal. Every single piece of litter cleaned off the beach is a piece of litter not consumed by wildlife. Thank you.
    See you next month.


Earth Day Hero – Volunteer for BOTH cleanups! If you love our Planet and want to do as much as you can, have tons of energy and simply HATE litter in all its forms, the fact that it’s killing earth’s innocents and feel helpless to stop it and because you’re celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day (all in one breath), this is the volunteer package for you!

  • Check in begins when you arrive, well before 11am
  • You get your choice of donuts, pizza or chow down both! (you’ll be burning off the carbs anyway)
  • You enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of the tasks at hand!
  • When you volunteer for both cleanups, you’ll walk away satisfied. you did it. you made more of a change in a few hours than you ever thought possible. Sure, it’s still only a drop in the bucket – but it’s a HUGE drop. And. it. counts.
    It all counts.
    Every. Single. Drop. Counts.
    Thank you. Thank you.
    See you soon!


Earth Day 2020 New Bedford! 50th Anniversary Celebration
Wednesday, April 22 3:30pm at Pier 3, New Bedford
Be part of a worldwide celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!
There’ll be lots of Earth friendly stuff to do and see and learn about plus you can join in the Climate March! Join the Operation Clean Sweep Team, wear your OCS tee and grab a picker to pick up trash along the march!

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