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Join Our Action Team!

Please consider volunteering on the Operation Clean Sweep Action Team
Many people volunteer with Operation Clean Sweep because they actually enjoy picking up trash and the feeling of accomplishment that it brings.
But we also know that we do not want to pick up other people’s trash forever.  We want people to change their behaviors so that they will dispose of their trash responsibly, reducing the amount of waste that is harmful to not only our neighborhoods but to our environment as a whole.

Volunteer Today!!!

Please, take a moment to read about our programs below and decide if you can help us in any way. You may have a desire to educate, you may have an expertise to share or you may simply loathe litter.  Whatever the case and however you decide to help, this may be the right opportunity for you to make a difference.

• School Education about litter and recycling

• Our Public Education campaign will continue with more “Trash Tips” – ideas developed to help educate New Bedford’s community on how to dispose of their trash responsibly and properly.

• Our Business Outreach program will continue to grow with businesses “Adopting” areas.

• OCS Supports classrooms, neighborhood associations and businesses as they organize their own neighborhood cleanups.

• Advocacy for enforcement of our litter laws remains another very important component of Operation Clean Sweep

• Operation Clean Sweep will continue to participate in community events in an effort to promote the OCS mission and gain support.

How you can help:
Attend a meeting
Join as a team member
Help us reach our goals
Participate in outreach events
To promote the importance of litter prevention stewardship
To educate our community
To share the messages of Operation Clean Sweep
To make a difference
Support our programs
Monetary donations
In – Kind Donations

For more information about how you can help support our programs please email lacoishnb1@aol.com

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