Ward 6 Cleanup – Saturday, June 20th!



     “Keep New Bedford Clean!” 

          Volunteers Wanted!

June 20th – Ward 6 Hosted by Me & Ed’s Family Restaurant

8:30 am – Noon

Meet at on Ruth Street between Salisbury St. & Ashley St.

In Conjunction with the Cove St. Neighborhood Association Family Fun Day

Transportation services will be provided by the Veteran’s Transition House.

Keep yourself safe by reading these important Operation_Clean_Sweep Safety Notes 2015

Read more here

How to Volunteer: Pre-register before the clean up or call 508.979.1493

Pre-registering helps us to plan for services.

Day of Cleanup – sign up/check in at our Operation Clean Sweep headquarters

** All youngsters under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult**

FREE – Breakfast items generously provided by our Host!

FREE – T-Shirts to all volunteers!Dominos

FREEDomino’s Pizza by Domino’s the Official Pizza of Operation Clean Sweep!

Gloves and Tools Provided!


Upcoming Cleanups  

 2015 Schedule

June 20th – Ward 6  – Hosted by Me & Ed’s Family Restaurant

July  – No cleanup scheduled

August 15th – Ward 3 –  Hosted by the Veteran’s Transition House

September 19th – Ward 4 – Barry’s Fine Wine & Spirits

Save the Dates! 2015 Cleanup Schedule

earth day clean up 2015 Schedule

How to Volunteer: Pre-register before the clean up or call 508.979.1493       Pre-registering helps us to plan for important volunteer services.

Day of Cleanup – sign up/check in at our Operation Clean Sweep headquarters

     Upcoming Cleanups    

  • Volunteers Wanted


April 18th – Ward 2 – Hosted by Cotali Mar Restaurant

May 16th – Ward 5 – Hosted by Southcoast Health

June 19th – Ward 6  –

July  – No cleanup scheduled

August 121st – Ward 3 – Hosted by the Veteran’s Transition House

September 18th – Ward 4



Steps to a cleaner environment

Watch for Trash Tips on Cable Access

Trash Tip #1 -Put your trash in a barrel

This keeps your trash IN the barrel instead of your neighborhood!

Tips on keeping your neighborhood clean
New Bedford can be a rainy, windy city.  So even when you don’t go to the beach your trash does.  It gets carried by wind and rain into the storm drains and much of it ends up in the ocean…the Acushnet River, Clarks Cove…our beaches!  What can YOU do about it…
Dispose of your trash responsibly.
Put trash out on your designated trash day in tied trash bags,place it in a barrel, then Put a lid on it!
This will keep trash in the barrel, out of your neighborhood
and out of our waterways.  NOT putting trash in a barrel can also result in animals and rodents breaking into bags dispersing trash all over the streets and sidewalks where you live.

Clean up Your Little Part of the World
If you see trash, pick it up! Dispose of it in the nearest receptacle, even if that means carrying it with you for a few steps.
Organize your own neighborhood cleanup.  Just ask a few neighbors to pitch in.  You’ll feel good about yourselves.
Adopt-An-Area Simply decide to keep an area clean.    Set some guidelines for yourself and maintain that area on a regular basis.
New City Trash Barrels
If you haven’t heard, then maybe you’ve seen the new trash barrels throughout New Bedford.  The new receptacles were purchased with revenue from recycling.  200 barrels are being placed strategically around the city in high pedestrian areas and business districts.  And the good news is People are using the trash barrels! Many thanks to those who dispose of their trash properly and recycle.

Solar Powered Trash Receptacles
The city of New Bedford received a grant for three solar trash receptacles.  These are state of the art and hold much more trash than a standard trash barrel.  The use of solar panels is part of New Bedford’s effort to be a “greener” city.  When the receptacle gets to a certain level, it compacts the trash using solar power, leaving room for more.  Keep an eye out for these state of the art trash receptacles.  You’ll find one at the Buttonwood Park Zoo, one in Riverside Park and one downtown New Bedford.
*    *   *

Recycle More New Bedford!
Recycle all of your newspapers, magazines,
plastic bags, cardboard boxes, telephone books, glass bottles, tin cans, and plastic containers #’s 1-7 and junk mail.

For a free recycling bin and more information call  508.979.1493  508.979.1493 .

Just Do It!
It’s not rocket science, just good sense.

And of course…Please Don’t Litter!

Success through Teamwork and Perserverance!

Thank you for your support through years of volunteer service that OCS has provided to the City of New Bedford.  It is truly because of your support and encouragement that OCS has been able to carry on its work.
Through classroom presentations and school-based organized cleanups, OCS team members have reached more than 3,000 students and educators from grades 3 through college.
As part of our public education outreach, OCS created a public service announcement on Cable Access about responsible disposal of household waste and the importance of recycling. Team members encouraged the Mayor’s office to insert informational flyers into water bills to notify homeowners about how to set out trash properly in order to avoid violations.  We are in support of the City Department employees whose job it is to enforce the City Ordinances.  We advocate for homeowners and business owners to take personal responsibility and be accountable for keeping their properties free and clear of litter as well as disposing of household waste in accordance with the law.
In the past 5 years, over 2,700 volunteers from all segments of the community have participated in neighborhood cleanups.  These dedicated volunteers performed over 9,800 hours of community service and cleaned over 51 tons of trash from many miles of New Bedford streets.
Based on information provided by the Corporation for National Community Service, we estimate the value of volunteer service that Operation Clean Sweep has provided to New Bedford to be over $180,000.  Generous donors of In-Kind goods and services total many thousands of dollars as well.  OCS is the recipient of new grant in 2012 from the Community Foundation, for which we are very greatful, to help fund our Educational Programs. The United Way’s Community Building Mini-Grant Program, fundraisers and monetary contributions have helped us to purchase the tools and supplies necessary for education, advocacy and organized cleanups.
The Team members of OCS are proud of our work and appreciate that we have attained such success with your help and support.  Thank you so very much.
 Show that you are behind the efforts of Operation Clean Sweep ~ Please consider joining the Operation Clean Sweep Team!

Until next time, Keep Your Little Part of the World, Clean!

Lynn A. Coish
Team Leader


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